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Helena’s Blog ~ The Art Of Self Loving From The Inside Out…

Self-loving “SL” is our birthright and is a very natural practice as evidenced in the womb. I recall that as a child, when I would touch myself, before I ever really understood any sexual implications, I noticed that it would soothe me and relax me. It was one of the ways I felt more connected with self and it was a way to “feel myself” and remember “me.” In my work with clients and in workshops, I will often have them just hold themselves “down there” to recall that same feeling, and the reactions are profound from many who have literally forgotten. Often when we approach that area, it is usually with more of a business like attitude for sexual stimulation or bathroom functions. It is often quite a relief and joyful to discover that there are so many more possibilities!

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Beginning Sex! Know Your Timing…

This series is intended to deal with beginning the journey of sex more realistically. There is much that we can impart — and if it is difficult for your or your child to discuss such matters, it is my hope that you watch this series together to open that dialog. I am not here to impart religious morays. That is open for you to share your values with your kids.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Greatest Love of All Oh most beautiful, wondrous child of light. You are My beloved, most exquisite expression of Nature dancing with Spirit creating this Divine melody that is you. No one can ever compare, just as each flower is delightfully unique and perfect as itself, no one can ever duplicate this being that [...]

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Helena’s Blog – Adventures In Consciousness

I am an adventurer in Consciousness. I love playing with what is possible. We hear so many ideas of the powers of the mind and the nature of consciousness and reality, it makes me curious to want to explore and experience for myself.

For the last month or so, daily, as often as I remember to do so… I have been doing a meditation, activating each chakra focusing on bringing forth all of the colored hues of each as vibrantly as possible..

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My Christmas Miracle…

I had stopped at the post office to mail some packages to family members and used their machine to avoid the lines. It had been a stressful week, and I was tired and distracted.

Once that mission was completed, it was off to the next store to pick up the last three gifts. I found what I wanted quickly and easily and was thrilled to be finally done for the day before dark. At the check stand, I dug for my wallet to pay for my purchases and there was no wallet to be found! I had just gotten a new one two weeks before and I loved it. It was a faux snakeskin that I had gotten at Costco and it felt so yummy! For me, it was expensive at $25.00, so I was doubly disappointed.

My heart jumped into my throat. This cannot be happening – especially right now!

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Online Dating & Safety Tips

I heard about Dr. Phil’s very relevant show yesterday about some of the foibles of Internet dating, and I wanted to expand on a couple of the ideas presented there.

Internet dating has been a very successful way for people to meet outside of the usual “bar scene” that dominated the culture when I was in that milieu some time ago.  In any scenario, especially in the realm of dating and intimacy, there is great beauty and joy, and the potential for mis-use and abuse.  The anonymity that is possible online, obviously can be a wellspring for those preying on desperate people looking for love.

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Join me at This Great Event in The San Fernando Valley November 9th 2012

Sex and Culture Salon Wednesday November 7 @ 7:30 PM Living On Earth – There Is A User’s Manual! Most people think Tantra is just about sex. But it is so much more! Discover the tools and ideas that will help you to optimize your experience here on Earth in every aspect of your Life! Join Shama [...]

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Helena’s New Show ~ Indulgence!

Helena as a new show on the — The Indulgence Show. Helena interviews leading edge personalities in the areas of Sex and Relationships and answers your questions on the air!

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LNL Show – Opening To Inner Wisdom with Darryl Anka

Darryl shares his journey with Helena in opening to channel and the impact it has had in his everyday life and how normal it can be for anyone who also wants to tap into a more expanded well of consciousness and wisdom.

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Special Gifts – Keys To Self Awareness & Compassionate Communication

Here are the forms promised on “Indulgence Show,” to aid in working out personal issues and conflicts.

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