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Join me at This Great Event in The San Fernando Valley November 9th 2012

Sex and Culture Salon Wednesday November 7 @ 7:30 PM Living On Earth – There Is A User’s Manual! Most people think Tantra is just about sex. But it is so much more! Discover the tools and ideas that will help you to optimize your experience here on Earth in every aspect of your Life! Join Shama [...]

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Helena’s New Show ~ Indulgence!

Helena as a new show on the — The Indulgence Show. Helena interviews leading edge personalities in the areas of Sex and Relationships and answers your questions on the air!

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LNL Show – Opening To Inner Wisdom with Darryl Anka

Darryl shares his journey with Helena in opening to channel and the impact it has had in his everyday life and how normal it can be for anyone who also wants to tap into a more expanded well of consciousness and wisdom.

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Special Gifts – Keys To Self Awareness & Compassionate Communication

Here are the forms promised on “Indulgence Show,” to aid in working out personal issues and conflicts.

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Love n’ Minute – Balance

Avoid and manage stress before it ever happens! How to create greater balance in your life.

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Love ‘n Letter – November News

I have missed you all!

Do not think that I have been idle. I have been foundation building, while healing from the flu and a minor back strain. It is a good thing that my mind was still working, even though the body needed to be at rest. I got a lot done on my two books in progress and lots more… (got to retain a little mystery). Keep watching for announcements to come.

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Workshops – Intro To Tantra – Nov/Dec/Jan

Come explore Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. Experience deeper levels of love, intimacy and sexual ecstasy than you ever have before using simple yet powerful techniques borrowed from the East.

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October 16th – Greater Love, Intimacy & Connection Workshop

Namaste. You are invited to participate in a special afternoon and evening. The focus is to provide tools for GREATER LOVE, INTIMACY and CONNECTION. Co-facilitating will be Shama Helena, Greta Hassel & Scott Catamas. They will draw upon their collective experiences of teaching Compassionate Communication, Sacred Sexuality & Tantra, and other modalities. This is for singles AND couples, and will be gender balanced. It is by invitation only and limited to 16 participants. RSVPs are very important.

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Helena’s Blog: Amberen Experiment #7

I learned from speaking with Mandy, the Sales VP at Amberen, that it was contra-indicated to use other herbal remedies or progesterone cream in combination with Amberen, or it could affect its effectiveness. So, a week ago, I went off of any other relevant supplementation.

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Helena’s Blog: Amberen Experiment #6

So, finally, I began Amberen this last August and I have now been on it a month. My results in taking the product were less impressive than the first time. The period I had been fearing never happened. Now, in September, one month later, the hot flashes are finally beginning to abate. After taking a single dose for two weeks, with seemingly no results, I doubled up on the dose as they suggest, which was two weeks ago. Just last night I began to feel the stirrings of my libido – a delightful surprise to know it is still there somewhere. Somehow I had forgotten…

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