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Helena’s Blog – Adventures In Consciousness 2

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(see previous post… Adventures In Consciousness to Catch Up)

The Next night, I attempted to reconnect with the young man again in a conscious way.

I first tried watching my breath and then when relaxed, focusing upon the left side of my awareness, where I remembered feeling I was when I connected with him ever so briefly the previous night. I had flashes of being there … alomost.. but when I souight out his visage, all I could see was what seemed like a cutout sillouete of his body. I found my consciousness jumping in and out of that reality as I maintained my awareness of this one simultaneously. Not sure if it is because I didn’t surrender to the other reality or if I am just bridge building. More to play with on that.

Still puzzling on whether dream states are other realities or just ruminations on clearing the stuff that lies in consciousness or both! Or what?

However, I did have some bizarre dreams. The first one I don’t recall, but the last one I do.

I was visiting a cousin that I rarely see. His father, my uncle, had recently died and I offered to help him organize and clean up. I arrived at “his place” in the evening late and he showed me to a room. I didn’t get much of a chance to look around that night as I was tired and craved rest.

The next day was bright and I found myself suddenly in a particular room to begin. It was large and seemingly naturally lit (even though there were no windows) and not too cluttered, but there was obviously work to do. I began by wiping off a window sill that was curiously full of lots of bird seed. I just went to work on it, but I found it a bit curious. Why was it there?

I left that room after some time, and found myself in a large and airy, bright and open hallway. I found myself attracted to a door with a glass insert and openened to find myself in front of a large pond (partly indoors stretching outdoors onto the proerty) — about half the size of a football field. It was teaming with black and white fish swimming around – too many it seemed for the pond. But they were happily swimming and I enjoyed watching them and the scenery/plantlife surrounding the pond as well. It was lovely.

When I re-enetered the hallway, I saw a few random women exiting and entering other doors and rooms and I had the impresssion that I was not actually in a home but in some sort of clinic. And the dream ended.

In this focus, my Uncle’s Widow is left with lots of stuff to go through and is overwhelmed by it. As I have offered to perhaps move nearby with my Dad to give him support when he will need me, I have also considered offering to help her sell some of these items on ebay as a project, if I am there while she is in this process. So there may be some connection in my dreamtime, but it is strange that in the dream it was with my cousin and not my Aunt.

Any comments from the peanut gallery out there?

In the meantime, life is calling and it may be a few days before I can bring my attention back to this exploration. But I shall continue…

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