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Online Dating & Safety Tips

I heard about Dr. Phil’s very relevant show yesterday about some of the foibles of Internet dating, and I wanted to expand on a couple of the ideas presented there.

Internet dating has been a very successful way for people to meet outside of the usual “bar scene” that dominated the culture when I was in that milieu some time ago.  In any scenario, especially in the realm of dating and intimacy, there is great beauty and joy, and the potential for mis-use and abuse.  The anonymity that is possible online, obviously can be a wellspring for those preying on desperate people looking for love.

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Join me at This Great Event in The San Fernando Valley November 9th 2012

Sex and Culture Salon Wednesday November 7 @ 7:30 PM Living On Earth – There Is A User’s Manual! Most people think Tantra is just about sex. But it is so much more! Discover the tools and ideas that will help you to optimize your experience here on Earth in every aspect of your Life! Join Shama [...]

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Helena’s Blog: Sex Toy Explosion In The Midwest!

It’s fascinating to me that the latest explosion in the sex toy market is happening in the Northern climes of the Bible Belt. This could be a reflection on activities of those dis-employed in big factory regions, or that there is more playful and open attitude around sexploration, especially for women, evolving even amonst the bastions of temperance and sexual supression from Victorian morays.

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LNL – Stephen Notari – The Art Of Rejuvenation

Helena visits with Stephen Notari in confronting the challenges of aging! Is it possible to stay healty, vital, renewed and passionate as we get older? What are the keys to keeping it together, and maintaining emotional and physical health?

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Helena’s New Show ~ Indulgence!

Helena as a new show on the SexTalkRadioNetwork.com — The Indulgence Show. Helena interviews leading edge personalities in the areas of Sex and Relationships and answers your questions on the air!

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Love n’ Minute – Balance

Avoid and manage stress before it ever happens! How to create greater balance in your life.

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November ’11 Love n’ Life Letter

So much new happening – you have to read the whole newsletter!

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Workshops – Intro To Tantra – Nov/Dec/Jan

Come explore Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. Experience deeper levels of love, intimacy and sexual ecstasy than you ever have before using simple yet powerful techniques borrowed from the East.

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Genevieve Coleman – The Rules

Check out the Rules of Life: #1. There are no rules….

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Meditation for the Gulf Oil Spill

Meditation for the Gulf Oil Spill.  The more we focus on what we want, without resistance, great transformation can happen.  If we cannot be there — we will do what you can from where we sit. Awakening the Divine.

June 14th, 2010 | | 0 comments | Continued
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